21, Jun 2023
Kalinga Holds Guinness World Records Banga Dance and Gong Ensemble

Kalinga sets world records for Gong Ensemble and Banga dance

The province of Kalinga set two Guinness world records on February 16 last year to break the record for the largest Gong ensemble and the largest pot dance.

The historic victory was announced by the Official Guinness World Records Judge Kazuyoshi Kirimura himself during the event “Awong chi Gangsa, Ad’tun chi Banga” or call of the Thousand Gongs, dance of the Thousand pots, in the province of Kalinga.

The Gong Ensemble consisted of 3,440 male artists and 4,681 Kalinga women who also performed the Banga dance–with pots on their heads. This is the culmination of the 28th anniversary of the Kalinga Foundation as well as the 4th Bodong Festival – a celebration in honor of the Kalinga peace rites.

To be able to count the number of performers for the Gong Ensemble and the Banga dance, everyone must pass a Scanner at the entrance, which is registered online. The artists come from the different communities of Kalinga and Tabuk City.

In a report by the Philippine Information Agency, Stanley Anongos from Benguet State University, Atanacio Addog from the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples – Cordillera and Allen Marquez and Kenneth Maslang from the University of St.Mary’s are among the members of the panel of witnesses.

The Guinness victory is also Kalinga’s most historic event. The event took place at the Kalinga sports complex, and the announcement of his historic victory took place after the show. It should be remembered that in 2018 it was the first attempt by the Kalinga province to win the biggest victory of the Gong group.

About the province of Kalinga

The province of Kalinga is located in the northern Philippines, especially in the Cordillera region. It is one of the must-see provinces of the Philippines because of its rich culture, its breathtaking views of nature and its great cuisine.

It is also home to the legendary Apo Whang-Od, the oldest tattoo artist (Mambabatok) in the Philippines. She is the oldest and the last Kalinga tattoo artist to tattoo interested travelers with thorns and bamboo sticks.

If you are an adventure lover, head to Laroy Falls, the highest falls in the province, or the sulfur hills of Mount Binuluan for a Trekking experience.

To get to Kalinga, you can take a Bus to Tabuk, which will take about 10 hours.

Do you want to explore the historical province of Kalinga? Book a ticket now and live great experiences in Kalinga and its neighboring provinces of the Cordillera. Don’t forget to share your unforgettable travel experiences with us!

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