5, May 2023
The Best Place to Go Scuba Diving

1. Philippines (For Economic Diving)

Let’s not talk about the pot. Scuba diving is not the lowest hobby in the world. however, some dive sites are affordable than others. The Philippines is one of these destinations.

For divers who are trying to save a little money on their subsequent diving holidays, Islands like Bohol, Malapascua and Palawan are best suited. here you will find clear waters and tropical marine lifestyles. In some places, whale sharks and thresher sharks are regularly seen. In addition, they put you correctly after the movement.

on the contrary, diving cruises in the Philippines, which usually go around the Visayas or the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, are exceptional for your money. You get dozens of dives, accommodation and meals for a Minimum in line with the day.

2. Malpelo / Colombia (for Bucket List Dives)

45% of tourists have a bucket list for traveling. these identical travelers prefer to test one or more of these places in their offer in 2019. Of course, the distant and distinctive islands, including Malpelo in Colombia, are usually at the top of these lists.

Malpelo is famous for its experience with hammerhead sharks. As part of the hammerhead shark triangle, you can expect to train hammerhead sharks with many silky sharks on some dives. in addition, oceanic manta rays, whale sharks and tuna are sometimes observed. As a lonely rock in the Pacific Ocean, Malpelo is only accessible by cruise ship.

3. Troms / Norway (for Cold Water Diving)

For lovers of cold water diving, Tromso, Norway, has quickly become a dream vacation spot. In this part of Norway, there are now both Totally onshore operators and dive cruises for your diving adventures.

Underwater, Tromso has kelp forests, colorful anemones and a spread of marine life, as well as nudibranchs, starfish and a herring conscience. but most divers come to Tromsö to swim with finisher cetacean. these adorable creatures visit the surroundings every year From October to February.

at the same time, when the cold water is not suitable for all divers, the temptation to live life underwater with the orcas of the place becomes a major attraction for Tromso, Norway.

4. Indonesia (for tropical diving)

Indonesia was the second most booked vacation spot, and this trend is only expected to continue.

In all its tropical splendor, this island nation has so many distinctive areas with wonderful diving. There is Komodo, the land of dragons and manta rays, but the U.S. also operates Raja Ampat, Bali, Lake Banda, Lembeh, Lombok and extra. In addition, Indonesia offers a variety of “Bucket Listing” creatures. Manta rays, whale sharks, Mola Mola and even unusual Macro animals are often spotted throughout the country.

the biggest choice for divers traveling to Indonesia is whether they dive from land or with the help of diving safaris. Land operations present the harmful of really getting to know the islands, but dive cruises can help you see a large number of dive websites in a single week. anyway, an experience in Indonesia in 2019 is positive to please.

5. Baja California Sur / Mexico (for diving training)

Dr Drew Richardson said millennials are famous for their “affinity for certain stories and their exploration of the not-known”.”This has really led to an increase in the adventure travel business, but it has also led more and more” divers looking for a tailor-made Boom, transformative reports and personalized mastery opportunities.”

for this reason, many divers want to continue their diving training with each diving experience they have. The destinations around the battleground are ripe for new educational opportunities and interactions with nature, but Baja California Sur has become a leader in this region.

6. Mozambique (for Ecotourism)

Divers are increasingly concerned about the environment and, therefore, Ecotourism and sustainable travel practices are a major concern for most people. several industry sites use this fashion, and Mozambique in particular has created many ecotourism opportunities in addition to educational travel packages.

Located on the southeast coast of Africa, Mozambique has a coastline of more than 2,000 kilometers / 1,250 miles served by the Agulha current flowing south. Whale sharks and manta rays roam in these plankton-rich waters, and humpback cetacean pass during their migrations. because of all this megafauna, there are many protection options in Mozambique. And divers can appreciate the opportunity to participate in the country’s citizen science initiatives.

7. Turks & Caicos (for an adventurous family holiday)

In addition to the growth of solo trips, the diving company is expected to experience a Boom in trips to the circle of relatives in 2019. Many divers document the decision to let their children discover new places and activities. therefore, the growth of Own Family Adventures in full size will change.

It is important to understand that the minimum age to obtain a diving certification is 10 years old. for this reason, family diving holidays are becoming more and more popular. In fact, some cruise ships are now specifically aimed at the circle of relatives.

but some places are particularly family-friendly than others, with the Caribbean becoming a popular desire. Turks & Caicos, mainly first-class diving substances for the whole family. It additionally provides an environment on top with the intention of taking your breath away.

8. Australia (for Solo Travelers)

Among millennial divers, solo travel is a rapidly evolving fad. Australia (as well as the Philippines) are in the lead in this regard with many cruise ships in the Great Barrier Reef, aimed especially at solo travelers.

if you are curious about a Solo diving experience and meeting new diving friends in 2019, don’t forget to take a tour below. This bucket-list destination offers untouched diving situations, the largest coral reef in the battleground and a rich marine lifestyle that includes sharks, turtles and cetacean. book a cruise ship with individual or divisible cabins for the Solo trip of your wishes.

9. Maldives (for stays in a diving resort)

Diving resorts are also expected to experience a measured Boom in 2019. The Maldives, in particular, has implemented a top-notch advertising and marketing process for itself as a diving destination, with diving motels in mind.

With a mix of richness and price options, the Maldives offers dive resorts with white sandy beaches and fantastic residential reefs. in addition, these islands are known for their manta rays and whale sharks. Dive into this cosy and clear water by booking your dream vacation.

10. the Red Sea (for diving cruises)

Data from previous years show that in 2019, diving cruises will gain maximum popularity. more and more divers are getting to know and like this type of drinking, sleeping and diving trip. And every 12 months, more boats are specially equipped for diving. In addition, with the help of the most adventurous excursion creators, new exciting places will continue to be explored.

It is also obvious that the Purple Sea in Egypt can be one of the most famous dive cruise sites in 2019. In 2018, Egypt became the 5th most booked destination, with dive cruises making up the majority of bookings. And it’s easy to see why divers love the pink sea. With abundant flora and fauna, shipwrecks of world splendor and distant coral reefs, it is a vacation spot apparently built for diving cruises.

Diving safaris depart from places throughout Egypt for Safaris. Southern Purple Sea itineraries tend to be the longest, but shorter Safaris can be found with departures from Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

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